Cleanest snack. Ever.

12g protein. No bad stuff. Tasty as hell.

Coffee Cocoa

Unapologetically Coffee

Peanut Butter

Rich, Creamy Peanut Butter

Double Cocoa

Deep, Dark Chocolate


Sweet, Tangy Cranberry

Coconut Cocoa

Fresh, tropical coconut

Know what you eat.

Eat what you know.

No added sugar

No sugar alcohols

No sweeteners

No preservatives

No soy or gluten

No added flavor

No added color

No false claims

No half truths

No disclaimers

Because that's 20% of your daily protein requirement. Any more, and it'd mess with your liver and give you gas. We hate gas.
Since we don't add any preservative (whatsoever), it lasts about 3 months. Once opened though, it doesn't last even a minute. Try it.

What’s inside. Outside.

Proud of what we’re made of.

Folks Us

Lara Shankar Chandra

It’s great to have a healthy yet tasty snack option for my children. As mothers, we’re cautious about what’s ‘not’ written on pack. With these bars, you get exactly what you read and see. And nothing else.

Social Dev Professional

Aastha Kulshrestha

For me, it’s an indulgent yet guilty-free snack! Having to go from one courtroom to another, ANE bars keep me going!


Cajole Kapoor

Do you know that feeling when you wish a particular moment would last longer? That’s how I feel about these bars. Each bite is a burst of crunchy chocolatey deliciousness. It’s like eating dessert, minus the guilt.

Content Creator, PocketAces

Anshu Gupta

I finished my first batch of andnothingelse and I can’t imagine my life without it now. Not only is it healthy with clean ingredients, it tastes so good, that I really look forward to eating during my coffee break. And kids love it too!

Global Manager, WWT

Samarth Bhardwaj

I was not into protein bars because I know they have a lot of added sugars and flavours, which are not good for you. But these bars are amazing! They are made of only the good stuff and are so Tasty! andnothingelse 🙂

Brand Manager, Unilever

Adarsh Sharma

 I have been looking for a good protein bar for a while now & now I have found the best. And Nothing Else – the healthiest & tastiest protein bar in the world!


Sudeep Kaur Bansi

The first time I bit into an ANE bar, my mind couldn’t process the combination of the incredible taste, great texture, and the homestyle goodness of the ingredients. They’re my snack, breakfast bar, dessert, and everything in between.

Director, Cellar Door

Ankush Gera

What appeals to me most about these bars is that the ingredients are super clean and fresh. What’s on the label is what’s inside, and nothing else. The chocolate flavor is my favorite and literally tastes like a brownie with almonds. 

Founder, Junglee Games

Protein Myths

That need some busting

Protein bars are for gym bros

That’s right!


Bars with a gazzilion grams of chemical-laden protein are for bulky gym bros.


This bar though, is just nutritionally balanced, clean food (that happens to be rectangular in shape).


If nuts, dates and milk are for you, this is for you.

Whey Protein isn't natural

Right again. Most Whey in the market is full of chemicals like BCAA, Creatine etc.


In its natural form, whey is just a by-product of cheese. It’s the water left behind after straining curd.


It’s this pure, unadulterated whey that we use.

Indians don't need that much Protein

80% of Indians eat protein deficient diets!


We used to be an agrarian society. We worked in farms, and ate carbohydrate-rich food.


We are now a modern society. We sit on chairs and work on laptops. But our food hasn’t changed.


We might need lesser protein than Americans, but we aren’t getting even that.

Burning Questions

of a betrayed health seeker

What is 'healthy' food?

Is it ‘No Sugar Added’ or ‘Low Carb’ or ‘Keto’ or ‘ Vegan’?


How do you decide what’s good?


Having tried everything that’s sold under the garb of healthy, we found just one universal truth.


Good food is made of good ingredients.


And Nothing Else.

Why are ingredient lists hidden at the back?

Brands hide what goes into their food, because they have something to hide.


But we don’t.


So we simply declare every single ingredient that goes into our food, proudly, on the front of pack.




How do I read nutritional labels?

All food is made of Protein, Carbs and Fat. A good balance of these three, is nutrition.


All this information is hidden in the nutritional table. And big-food-brands don’t want you to read it.


Well, screw them. Read this.


Disclaimer: It’s written by the guy who makes these bars. Views are personal. So is the crusade.

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Very precisely done coco-densitometry has revealed this.
Not that it’s a competition. But we’re winning here. Undeniably.
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That’s what she said @sudeep1110
She also said -“The first time I bit into an ANE bar, my mind couldn’t process the combination of the incredible taste, great texture, and the homestyle goodness of the ingredients. They’re my snack, breakfast bar, dessert, and everything in between.“
#review #andnothingelse -

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Cleanest snack. Ever.

12g protein. No bad stuff. Tasty as hell.

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